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Ten Characteristics Of Acrylic Products


【Outline Description】What material is acrylic? In fact, acrylic is a kind of plexiglass, the chemical name is polymethyl ester, and it is also called acrylic in this type of material. Some friends who say that plexiglass may misunderstand that it is a kind of glass, in fact, it is a kind of plastic, acrylic sheet belongs to thermoplastic, has good plasticity, and has a delicate and beautiful appearance. Next, the editor will explain in detail what material acrylic is and the functional characteristics of acrylic.

Acrylic is a new type of environmentally friendly material with the following characteristics:

1. The density is small, half lighter than ordinary glass, and the load on buildings and brackets is small.
2. Bright colors and high brightness are unmatched by other materials.
3. Strong plasticity, great shape change, easy to process
4. High recyclability, environmentally friendly materials
5. Easy to maintain, easy to clean, or just scrub with soapy water
6. Good weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance, no yellowing and hydrolysis due to perennial sun and rain
7. Long service life, compared with other plastic material products, the service life is more than three years longer
8. Good light transmission performance, up to more than 92%, the required light intensity is small
9. Strong impact resistance, sixteen times that of ordinary glass, suitable for installation in areas that require special safety
10. Good insulation performance, suitable for various electrical equipment

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